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Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born July 30 1863, in greenfield town, Michigan. Even though ford did not invent the automobile line mode of production as many thought, the significant thing he did was manufacture the first automobile that many middle class Americans could afford.
His creation of the model T automobile revolutionized transportation in America industry. Being the owner of ford motor company, he became one of the richest and famous people in the world.  He is attributed with “ford-ism” – An economic and social system based on industrial mass production, where the worker is paid relatively high wages. Continue reading

The Elephant Man

Joseph Carey Merrick was born 5 August 1862 in Leicester. He was born apparently healthy and had no outward symptoms of any physical malfunction for the first few years of his life. Sometime around age five, symptoms with “loosed and coarse  skin, swellings on his lips, followed by a bony lump on his forehead” started to showcase. As he grew older, a noticeable difference between the size of his left and right arms appeared and both his feet became incredibly enlarged. In addition to his deformities, at some point during his childhood, Merrick suffered a fall which caused the damage of his left hip. This injury left him permanently lame. In spite of his hardship , Merrick attended school and had a close relationship with his mother who was a Sunday school teacher. Merrick’s father had to remarry a year after his wife died (Merrick’s mother). This lead to Merrick leaving school at the age of 13, His life at home became full of distress. neither his father or stepmother showed him love. He had to run away “two or three” times, but his father brought him back each time.

At 13, he found a job rolling cigars in a factory, but after three years, his right hand deformity had worsened and he no longer had the skill required to continue the job. He spent his days days wandering the street, looking for work and also, avoiding his stepmother taunts. Merrick was becoming a greater financial burden on his family and this made his father uncomfortable. He eventually secured him a hawker’s license which enabled him to earn money selling items. This endeavor failed in no time due to his deformed appearance- prospective customers got scared of him and won’t want to have anything to do with him. On returning home one day, he was severely beaten by his father and he left home for good
Merrick became homeless on the street of Leicester. His uncle- Charles Merrick had to offer him accommodation in his home. After a while, Charles could no longer afford to support his nephew. So Merrick had to enter the Leicester union workhouse. During his stay in the workhouse, he contacted Sam Torr who was Leicester music hall comedian and proprietor. Torr decided that he could make money exhibiting Merrick; Merrick departed the workhouse to start his new career. The showman named Merrick “The Elephant Man”. They showed him around the East Midlands, Leicester and Nottingham, before moving on to London. The exhibit was quite successful, and made money primarily from the sales of the autobiographical pamphlet. Merrick was able to put his shares of the profits aside, hoping to earn enough to one day buy a home of his own.

The shop where Merrick was exhibited was directly across the road from the London Hospital where he later met a man- Frederick Treves. Treves became Merrick closest friend and was there for him throughout his dire straits. There was a time when Merrick had to travel to Belgium with an unknown man as his manager (Ferrari was possibly his name). Merrick was abandoned by his new manager, who stole his £50 (2015 equivalent of £4,900) savings. After much hassle, he was able to find his way to London. On getting to London, he had no where to go. His only identifying possession was Frederick Treve’s card. Treves was contacted, so he went to take Merrick to the London hospital. Merrick was admitted for bronchitis, he was washed, fed and put to bed in a small isolation room in the hospital.
He died on 11 April 1890,at the age of 27. Treve’s house surgeon visited Merrick and found him lying dead across his bed.  His body was formally identified by his uncle, Charles Merrick. Merrick death was ruled accidental and the certified cause of death was asphyxia, believed to have been  caused by the weight of his head as he laid down. Treves, who performed an autopsy on the body, said that Merrick had died of dislocated neck. Knowing that Merrick had always slept sitting upright out of necessity, Treves came to the conclusion that Merrick must have “made the experiment”, attempting to sleep lying down “like other people”.

Decision Making – The First Step To Success

Just recently, i heard Brian Tracy talk about five major reasons why people don’t get wealthy in life. One reasons i found most appalling is that people don’t actually decide to become wealthy and this is one of the major cause of failure and under achievement. It is true, no one ever sign up to be unsuccessful but then, failure sets in when we don’t really make up our mind to be successful. The truth is failure requires no particular amount of effort, you don’t have to do or be anything to fail (failure is so easy to achieve). On the other hand, Success is a major business and it requires a great deal of determination, consciousness, planning and hard work. No one succeed without actually visualizing and consciously determining to succeed.
There are people who have all the resources, natural talents and knowledge required to be successful, but without ardent decision to be successful, they simply fall short. Meanwhile, there are people who are successful today, without enough resources required to be successful. I think what makes the major difference is Ardent Decision Making. Decision making separates the mediocre from the remarkable. You can agree with me that no one gets successful without knowing he really wants to. I’ve yet to meet a man who would say “I never desired to succeed, it just happened” No man ever made it to the top of mount Everest without absolutely deciding to lose sight of the ground  (we both know it’s not an easy task to reach the top of that mountain).

Benefits of Decision making:
-It gives a sense of purpose: Anyone who decides on what he wants out of life is one step closer to achieving them. He is  no longer pushed around. A sense of direction is acquired.

-It Increases our self efficacy: A decisive person is a problem solver, and our ability to solve more problems makes us feel confident and capable.

-Decision making helps us persevere: Let say you decide to be financially free in life, it will be difficult to give up just because the economy is going through financial crisis. it’s a decision you’ve made for yourself and you’ve got to follow through no matter what.

-It helps us to be proactive: There is no way you make decisions without been vigilant of possible mistakes and favors.

Detriments of Indecision:

-Indecision causes carelessness: Malcolm X said ” A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything”. If you refuse to make conscious decisions, things will automatically happen for you, and it’s not likely going to the best you want for yourself.

-Indecision causes more problem: Things don’t naturally go well i must tell you, we have to do our best to make things go right. You’re either getting better or getting worse and if one refuses to get better, one automatically get worse.

Few Major Areas Of Our Life That Needs Conscious Decision Making:

Health: Jim rohn said “Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live”. Decide on improving your health by eating right and exercising  regularly.

Financial life: It’s is very important that you get financially free. you need money to live life. Decide on getting wealthy and in a legitimate way.

Values: it’s important that you set your values right because that’s what you will be remembered for long after you are gone.
Marriage: I don’t really know much about this aspect but i know one needs to decide to make this work no matter what. it’s all about commitment.

Note: This article is based on my personal perspective. Therefore, i stand to be corrected. Kindly drop your comments below.

The Mountain man


I once heard a man say “One man can change the world”, I’ve always taught of this statement as a mere fallacy. I had to question my outlook after learning about a man who literally, single-handedly, dug a road through a mountain isolating his village from essential services. So, it’s really true that there are no obstacles between us and our dreams, except the ones we create in our mind.

His name was Dashrath Manjhi. He lived in Gehlaur Village, near Gaya in Bihar, India. He was a laborer at Dhanbad’s coal mines. He had a wife named Phalguni Devi. The Gehlaur hills was a major barrier to the villagers. They had to trek miles around hills just to reach their farms and schools. One day, Manjhi’s wife slipped and seriously got injured while crossing Gehlaur hills to get him launch. The nearest medical facility was over 40 miles away and she eventually died.


This got Manjhi devastated and that very night, he decided to carve a path through the hill so that his village could have easier access to medical attention. He dug a path 360-feet-long(110m), 25-feet-deep(7.6m) in places and 30-feet-wide(9.1m) to form a road through the rocks. He was ridiculed by his fellow villagers and ignored by the government. He worked dauntlessly on the road day after day, slowly but surely smashing a passage into the rock. Later, his co-villagers came to respect his work as they saw it’s benefits and a lot of them began providing him with tools and foods.


He was able to complete the back-breaking labor in 22 years (1960-1983). Cutting straight through the mountain, The path reduced the distance between the Atri and Wazirganj sectors of the Gaya district from 55km to 15km. Manjhi died of gall bladder cancer on 17 Aug 2007 at the age of 73. He was given a state funeral by the Government of Bihar. His life was portrayed in a 2012 movie titled Manjhi.

Note: Kindly follow the link  below to download the movie for free.

The Forgotten

Imagine if you varnish today, how many people will notice you’re gone or how long will they  realize you’re gone. Days, weeks, months or maybe years. Ponder on this. I understand this might make you downhearted, but this was exactly how i felt after learning about a woman who died in her bachelor’s apartment for almost three years without been noticed. I know this seem unreasonable, but it’s what actually happened.

Joyce Carol Vincent was born in Hammersmith, On October 19, 1965 and brought up near Fulham palace road. Her parents, from the island of Grenada, immigrated to London before she was born. Lawrence who was her father was a carpenter of African descent. Following a surgery, her mother died when she was eleven therefore her older sisters took responsibility for her upbringing. She had a tensed relationship with her father who was emotionally distant, she claimed her father died in 2001, but in fact he died in 2004. She attended Melcombe primary school from 1971-1977 and the school for girls Fulham Gilliat (now Fulham Cross) and forsook studies at age 16 without any tangible qualification.



In 1985, She began working as a secretary at Oxford University in London. Later, She worked at C.itoh and Law debenture before joining Ernst & young. She worked in the treasury department for four years, but resigned in march 2001 for unknown reasons. Joyce Spent time in a home for domestic abused victims in Haringey district and worked as a cleaner in a pension house. During this time, she estranged herself from family and friends.


Joyce Vincent's flat

Joyce Vincent’s flat

Sometime around December 2003, She died of unknown causes. She suffered from asthma, and asthma attacks or complications related to peptic ulcer disease have been suggested as possible cause of death. Her corpse was described as very skeletal by pathologist Dr Simon Poole and she was laying on the couch next to a shopping bag surrounded by Christmas presents she wrapped but never delivered.
Kevin Mann, The caretaker of the building was present when the body was found, said “It looked like she had just come from shopping”. Michael Dobbs, the next door neighbor, who had moved there 2 years ago and noticed the strong odor said “Every time i opened my window, i would see strange little black insects crawling through”. Neighbor Celia Cassidy said: “I am totally shocked. Nobody knew anything at all”. Another neighbor, Tobin Ngosi said: “It’s terrible. In other countries people know their neighbor but not here. it’s easy to see how it would happen, Poor woman”. The neighbors had believed the flat was vacated and odor from the decomposed corpse was attributed to waste bins near the house and the flat’s window didn’t allow direct sight into the apartment moreover, Drug addicts frequented the area which explained why no one questioned the constant noise from the working telly.
Half of the rent was paid automatically by housing benefits to real estate metropolitan housing trust, so the caretakers taught she was still living. However, over two years, ‎£2400 in unpaid rent occurred, and housing officials decided to repossess the property. Her corpse was found on January 25,2006 when bailiffs raided the house. Her television and heater were still running due to her bills been paid for by automatic debt forgiveness.
Her corpse was too decomposed to conduct a full autopsy and she had to be identified by dental records. A film about Joyce tittle “Dreams of a Life” written and directed by Carol Morley, with Zawe Ashton playing Joyce was released in 2011. She interviewed people who knew Joyce, They described her as ” A beautiful, intelligent and Socially active young woman”.

The Evolution Of KFC




 Just the other day, a friend and i was at a nearby KFC restaurant. We ordered two buckets of chicken(one for each of us) with two bottles of Pepsi(This is no free ad website.kindly contact me for such As i was voraciously consuming a piece, i  wondered, “where did this wonderful piece of art come from”. During that time, i was thinking of what my debut post could be about.Right there! Where i sat, that faithful day, i decided to write about the creation of KFC and the man behind this awesome enterprise(you can guess am a curious kind of person). it’s an inspirational story ,you’ve got to read it through and through.


Colonel Sanders as a young boy, pictured with his mother.

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