Since man was created, it’s believed that a series of discussion always takes place in the mind of every man. This discussion has shaped our decision making, actions, and of course, our achievements are as a result of most of the self talks we engage in.

Mind you! Don’t mistake human thoughts with self talks, they are not the same. Thought is the process of using your mind to consider something carefully –Thinking.  Self talk on the other hand, is the act or practice of talking to oneself, either aloud or silently and mentally.

The area of our life our self talks affects the most is our self-confidence. It’s capable of boosting our self-confidence or beating it. Meanwhile, self-confidence controls a major part of our life. The lack or excess of self-confidence has a great impact in our life. It shows in everything we do.

What is the nature of yourself talk? Do you encourage yourself? Or do you criticize yourself?

Negative self-talks can be detrimental to one’s life and future. It can bring about fear, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, which brings about poor performance and lack of discipline; it’s is generally an enemy to success.

People who usually engage in negative self-talk are usually a product of a negative environment and upbringing where they have been made to reason in terms of impossibilities.

In the Answer, John Assaraf and Murray Smith talk about the negative messages children receive growing up. They write,

By the time you’re seventeen years old you’ve heard “No, you can’t,” an average of 150,000 times. That’s thirty nos for every yes. That makes for a powerful belief of “I can’t.”

If we have to change our lives, it’s imperative we change the way we think of and talk to our self. There are already enough external factors trying to discourage us from reaching our goals, trying to undermine our purpose in life. We can’t afford to join them by talking negative into our own life.

Fear also is another factor that brings about negative self talks. When a man has fear in his mind, he is quick to talk himself out of doing the task at hand.

In his book, how to get from where you re to where you want to be. Jack Canfield wrote about a self-development group he participated in. During one of the exercises, one of the men asked one of the women if he found him attractive. He said he was shocked by the boldness of the question and embarrassed for the asker fearing what he might get as a response. As it turned out, she said that she did.

Now, the point am trying to make here is that, most of us self talk our self into inaction due to fear, thinking that we might get no for an answer. We all know there’s no crime in trying, but then, we give our self no for answer even before actually asking. That’s what negative self talks can do. They tend to undermine our potential if we allow.

Many times, it’s not what people say to affect our life negatively that do all the damage, but it’s the conversation going on in our mind that do more harm than good in our lives. If some says you’re worthless, not talented, and all sort of negative things to you. It’s your responsibility and also in your best interest to re-affirm to yourself that you’re talented, valuable and you can be great in life. Because at the end of the day, what you think of yourself is all that matters.

Every day, I talk to myself about how great and successful i am. I go on by saying all sort of great things to myself; thing like, I’m great , I’m blessed, I’m going places, I’m what the world need,  and so on. Doing this every day, for a very long time as incredibly boost my self-confidence, improved my self-image and totally changed the way I do things. You too can try this daily ritual. Am sure this would bring about a positive change in your life.