What do you do every day? Or better put, what is it that you spend your time doing every day?

Are you really conscious about the way you live your life on a daily basis or you simply let life happen-  living everyday as it comes?

It is true that most people don’t plan every day of their lives, They are not cognizance of where they  are heading – They don’t know if they are heading for success or failure. I understand every man has the desire to succeed, but it’s unfortunate they’re careless with the way they live everyday of their life.

“You can’t change your life until you change what you do everyday” – John C Maxwell.

Pablo Casals was one of the greatest and most celebrated cellists of all time. During his eighties, he still woke up early  to practice for 5 hours every day, and when asked what was his reason for practicing everyday after a successful career he said , “ I think am making progress. I think I see some improvement.

There are 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I’m sure you know this, but do you actually consider the effect of every day in our life. Every single day has the ability to make us or break us. Everyday has the ability to draw us close to financial freedom, good health, physical fitness, better relationships, in short the good life we yearn for. On the other hand, it also has the ability to draw one close to poverty, jeopardized relationships, unhealthy life and low standard of living.

Now, it’s a matter of what we do everyday. it’s what we do everyday that makes the difference between a life heading for success and a life heading toward failure.

Since a long time ago, you became responsible for what you do with your life every day. The way you think, type of people you associate with and what you eat, what you read and what you choose to believe. I’m saying this to let you know you’re in charge and responsible for your everyday actions which eventually decide your future success or failure.

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that also shall he reap”- Galatians 6:7

Success is predictable, so is failure. By seeing what you do every day, I can tell which you’re going for. It’s funny how people do less everyday and want more out of life. I see people who says they want to graduate with a first class, spend their whole day doing frivolous things like watching TV,  scrolling mindlessly on social networks, and doing this everyday eventually make them flunk in class. In life there’s a price to pay for every great and worthwhile things you want to achieve.

I’ve realized that success is not what happens to us on certain days of our lives, but success is what is achieved on a daily basis. If you would focus on your daily activities and do what is needed to succeed every day, sooner or later, the big and major success will come through.

If you want to be financially free- you will have to read financial books, attend seminars and learn from people who are financially free.

If you want to be physically fit-  you have to eat good food, exercise regularly and drink a lot of water every day

If you want to improve your marital life- you have to read books about marriage, listen to audio tapes, and attend seminars organized by experts .