1.Be Well Dressed and Always Look Good: To make a good conversation with anybody, you first have to be sure the person you are about to start a conversation with is willing to converse with you. That brings us to how you’re dressed. No matter what ethnic beliefs you represent, am sure you would agree with me on this, that the way you are dressed is surely the way you would be addressed. In order to relate and have a good conversation with anybody at any point in time, it is imperative that you’re conscious about the way you look.

2.Skip Small Talks: To have a good conversation you have to skip small talks as soon as possible simply because by nature, they’re enemy of good conversation and they are quick to bring any conversation to an abrupt end. This is not a good way to keep a conversation rolling. Unfortunately most people conversation goes along these lines and they keep finding it difficult to make a good conversation.

For example, you ask- how are you? And the second person replies- “I’m fine” or, do you live here? and he/she would probably reply with ” yes/no”.

It behooves you to skip questions which bring about small talks and ask something more personal which provokes better, wordy forms of reply which will totally brighten the conversation and take it to the next level.

Imagine you’re talking to someone you just met, and you ask of her name. It would be really awesome to ask something personal like- interesting name, how did your parent think of it or is there a story behind your name? or how long have you lived in the city do you remember the first day you landed here? No doubts questions like this calls for wordy answers (Ladies who are fond of replying with a word or two can’t help but talk more with questions like this).

3.Get to Know What You have in Common: when you meet someone for the first time and it’s your first time getting to converse with the person, it’s always a good thing to find the things you have in common and areas at which you meet. This adds a positive vibe to every conversation letting the second person know you can be a friend and you are not just a butt-head. But when you continually disagree at the first conversation, constantly focusing on areas where you don’t agree, then the conversation will soon hit the rocks

4.Pay a Unique Compliment: who doesn’t love compliment, it definitely makes people feel good, it adds to their self-esteem and generally makes them more confident . Even though people might forget your name after a long time, but they won’t forget how you made them feel. It’s essential that you chip in compliments during conversations and not just compliments, but unique compliments.

For example when you tell someone you just met” you’re beautiful” she might not seem moved by that compliment. Why? Perhaps she a super-model and she has probably heard that several time that day. Some people have developed immune to certain complimentary words like awesome, beautiful, and nice and many like that. So, it’s better to give a unique compliment and you don’t have to lie about it. Like saying, your smile is so divine or you have a great body.

5.Ask For an Opinion: It’s really nice to ask for an opinion when talking to someone for the first time. We all have opinions and we want it to be heard, everyone simply wants validation, everyone wants to be heard. If you ask the second person for an opinion he/she would feel you believe in their knowledge and they will surely give you the best of what they know. Just make sure you’re not asking for an opinion on a subject that would seem ridiculous to the second person. Like asking about stocks….majority don’t enjoy that subject matter and you asking will be so ridiculous.

6.Be Present: Every time and anytime you engage in a conversation, be present. Most of us are guilty of being carried away during an actual conversation. To have a good conversation you have to be completely involved and present. Avoid taking your mind on and off during the conversation because people can actually sense if you’re paying attention or not and if you’re not paying attention it shows that you’re not interested in what the second person is talking about. It would be nice and helpful when you listen attentively when the second person is talking, show serious interest, and ask questions to show you’re really listening. By doing this, the second person would want the conversation to keep roiling as much as you want it to continue.