1. Develop Better Friendships : Even though your friends can’t control your emotions, but they can of course influence how you feel about yourself. Our friends are a direct reflection of who we are and what we stand for.  So, it’s best to surround your self with self-confident set of people. people who believes strongly in their strength and abilities who can help build your self-confidence . We’re the sum total of the five kind of people we surround ourselves with. So, who are you surrounded with? Are they people with low self-esteem, with worthless or despicable character?! No matter what attribute they possess, they tend to rub it off on you. Therefore, to be confident there is need to be surrounded by people who are self confident.


  1. Seek Knowledge: Out of the ways to boost self-confidence, this is perhaps the surest way to boost self confidence. It’s been said that “knowledge is power” , imagine how confident one who’s knowledgeable  feels, such person feels capable and in control, like a problem solver like there’s nothing he can’t do. Knowledge and self-confidence goes hand in hand, I have never met a man who is knowledgeable yet lack confidence. The most interesting thing about seeking knowledge as to building confidence is that as much knowledge you seek the more self-confident you become. For example, imagine a student preparing for an exam and is yet to study, he or she tends to feel fear and lack confidence, thinking if he would succeed. But once he starts to study and prepare vigorously for the exam, all the fear melts away and self-confidence comes in play and is likely to  increase to the highest level.


  1. Practice integrity: Integrity is always doing the right thing even when nobody’s looking. When you stick to doing what’s right in a difficult and tempting situation you indefinitely add to your self-confidence but when you succumb to doing what’s wrong and against your moral values, your self-confidence is beaten and that makes you feel low about yourself.


  1. Dress flawlessly: I’m sure you’ve heard someone say “How you’re dressed is how you’re addressed”. It’s very imperative that you dress well and polite. That way  people address you respectfully and that ultimately makes you feel good about yourself. So, it’s advisable you look in the mirror every morning to check if you’re dressed well. so your self-confidence would continue to go up through out the day.


  1. Affirm yourself: Of all the ways to improve self-confidence, this is perhaps the easiest way to boost self confidence because it doesn’t require you to go through anything, just the word of mouth. If you would learn to say positive things about yourself throughout the day, your self-confidence goes up slowly but surely. The reason for this is that as you say things like “am competent, am hardworking, am a success, am developing good and positive habits” your sub-conscious get to absorb this words and this phenomenon is called auto-suggestion.