Just a few days ago, i had the privilege of meeting with an old friend of mine who is a successful writer and also an amazing blogster.  We engaged in series of discussions, but the highlight of our time together was when he talked about peoples inability to delay immediate gratification/pleasure over long term reward – by this, i mean people  find it difficult to do what’s important or long term rewarding, preferably  they choose do things of no value or low value that give instant pleasure or joy. We talked about how this attitude tends to  affect  one’s achievement and success.

Now, lets travel back in time to our childhood days when we were young and unknowing. When we had to run errands for our parents, we had to do chores, with couple of homework given to us by our school teachers in order to keep us busy. We all know how terrible we felt as children; it’s like we were been treated unfairly, like that’s what we were born to do. We felt like we never had enough time to play with our friends and do what really matters and what is  fun to us. I personally didn’t like doing the dishes, but of course i never stopped eating (lol).  Our parents  knew the effect of just doing the fun things and neglecting the important things that brings the greatest rewards.

Unfortunately, Most adults are guilty of having this childlike attitude- always  preferring things that are fun and pleasing,  neglecting that which seem difficult but moves them closer to their goals and dreams.

I’m human and of course in my youthful age. I understand how enjoyable it is to do those things that brings instant joy and pleasure. Personally, i feel i enjoy partying, traveling, hanging out with friends and doing anything i like at any time i wish. But that will be at the expense of my dreams and goals which am not ready to forgo. As far as i know, there is no shortcut to success; no easy way out.

For every success you want to achieve, there’s a price to pay. The question now is are you willing to pay the price to succeed or  will you just keep doing the things that suite your soul in the present but at the end or in the long run leaves you bitter and in deep regret.

John C Maxwell said: Pay now or pay later, either way you’ve got to pay. He continued by saying, when you pay now, you pay less but when you decide to pay later you get to pay more.

The unfortunate thing is that what you keep doing for a long period of time becomes a habit. If it’s  in your habit to always  do things that brings you joy and pleasure just in the present and forsaking what is important then it high time you changed.
Brian Tracy says: Everyday, and every minute of everyday, there’s a battle going on inside of between doing what’s right, hard, and necessary (like an angel on one shoulder) or doing what is easy, fun and of little or no value (like a devil on your other shoulder). Every minute of everyday, you must fight and win this battle.